Subscribing to Groceries

I set my own work hours. This affords me the kind of luxuries that many do not have. For example, I grocery shop on Friday mornings around 8 am. The shelves are being stocked for the weekend shoppers but hardly anyone is up and shopping at that time. I can get out of Walmart (yes, walmart,) with my full week’s groceries in just about an hour on budget and that often includes at least 10 minutes of wandering in departments that hold nothing on my list. However, there are a few times I don’t shop at Walmart. 1) Weekends. Going to Walmart on a friday night or Saturday, let’s just say even I might tear out all my hair and stick a plastic fork in my eye for more fun. The exception, where I live, is early mornings on Sunday when people in my area are getting ready for church. If I worked full-time M-F Sunday right before church time is when I’d shop. Church time is iffy because some people have the same idea running up there when all their friends should be at church figuring no one even if they weren’t going to church that day would dare be seen at the local Walmart when they were supposed to be at church. 2) When there is somethign I really love that Walmart doesn’t carry. I will go to another store.
There are a few products I do this for, I’ll drive 30ish miles round trip into the larger city to get Annie’s Natural’s Woodstock Dressing but only on occasion because it’s the best salad dressing on the planet and it’s not very good for me (not as bad as Ranch Dressing of any brand though. Ranch dressing is I’m told the single most death causing thing in anyone’s refrigerator.) The thing I’m talking about is Lipton Spiced Chai tea bags. It’s a simple product. I use to just have to go to a different grocery store (or if you don’t consider Super Walmart a grocery store–a grocery store) to get it. I use to go to a store called Schnucks. But a funny thing happened a few months back all Schnucks (who years back were Seesels) and all Schnucks were bought by Kroger. Now, Kroger which has many lovely things, doesn’t carry my tea. Once the Schnucks inventories were all gone, while they kept some brands Kroger hadn’t had before my variety of tea was not one.
In Addition to the Walmart and the Kroger, the nearest grocery store to me is The Fresh Market, which has many variety of teas, none that I love like my Lipton Spiced Chai and none for the $2.5 a box that makes it even better. (My top favorite tea is Harry and David’s Hot Cinnamon Spice but it’s not an every day tea. And I can still get it locally at Barnes and Nobles so it’s not relevant here.)
All of this to say that when Kroger took over Schnucks and with Walmart only carrying the regular Lipton, a lemon and honey and a green tea, but not the Spiced Chai. I was searching for options.
Luckily when one tea supplier is bought by Kroger another tea option arises– Yes, we’ve all known Amazon has groceries but really who is going to order weekly groceries by mail. I just don’t eat that many dry goods. However, it turns out the have my tea. It also turns out they have a subscription to grocery delivery. AND when you have groceries over $25 delivered by “subscription” even though you can set your subscription to fill up to 1 time every 6 months and you can cancel anytime, you an get free shipping and 20% off. So here I am sitting here drinking my tea that cost me 2.45 a 20 tea bag box, and one time every 4 months I get 12 boxes (they ship in boxes of 6) free shipping, delivered to my door…
The point of all this is that never give up on something you love, unless the manufacturer discontinues it…and heaven forbid…I can’t deal with tea testing again…I just can’t, I mean it’s one thing to try loose blends but when it’s first thing in the morning you just want your tea (or substitute the word coffee here if you want to get the effect.) You want it there in your cabinet when you need it…


Oh and tech note of the day…Buy a Western Digital solid state external hard drive, the one that takes two usb ports to power. A friend of mine dropped the one she was loaning me (full of data) in a asphalt parking lot today…still works like a dream, casing doesn’t even have a mark on it.

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